mom-style monday: emmy style

I just thought I’d share my favorite Emmy red carpet looks from last night. These types are lists are always so different for everyone, but these women are wearing things that I’d like to wear. And I also think they look drop-dead gorgeous.

Who were your favorites?

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Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta, Claire Danes in Armani Prive, Sofia Vergara in Carolina Herrera

And another favorite I forgot about was Julie Bowen in J. Mendel. I think Julie Bowen is absolutely flawless.

Favorite Moments of the Show

1. The opening number of “Born to Run” starring Jimmy Fallon, the cast of Glee, and many other television stars including Jon Hamm (yum), Tina Fey, and Jorge Garcia( yay, Hurley)! I have a school girl crush on Jimmy Fallon. I think he’s so funny and I love that he can laugh at himself. It doesn’t hurt that he can be silly without being rude or crude.

2. Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to the shows that said goodbye was also great! I think it’s safe to say I love Jimmy.

3. Seeing Jon Hamm not as Don Draper. I love Mad Men, but I love Jon Hamm more because he smiles and laughs and gets on stage with the Glee kids.

weekend recap

We had a pretty eventful, fun-filled weekend. TC was really productive around the house, Hudson did lots of playing and talking, and we had a little bit of fun.

  • Our “pet” spider that has been living in our kitchen window is now being fondly referred to as “Peter Parker.” TC started calling the spider Peter Parker on Friday night. Peter Parker was very busy on Friday night and was moving all over the place. When we woke up on Saturday morning, it was confirmed that Peter Parker is, in fact, female. And she was also pregnant! I knew it! And I told y’all there was a baby boom going on. Check out Peter Parker’s little egg sack. I know it’s icky, but we have really been fascinated by this spider’s activities.

  • I helped organize a Christmas music kick-off for our choir. We had a Christmas-themed party on Friday night and it was a lot of fun. I’m not ready to rush the season, but it was fun to forget that it’s really hot outside for just a little while! We started rehearsing some of the music this weekend and I just love it.
  • I built Hudson’s first “fort” out of a big quilt (my Alpha Chi Omega tee shirt quilt) and four chairs on Saturday morning. He absolutely loved it and really liked running out from under it and running back in. Pay no attention to the mix and match pajamas. Sometimes we just don’t have a clean set!

  • I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I’ve been nervous about it for a week. Not because I think anything will be wrong, but because I just can’t stand to sit there for an hour with the hygienist’s hand in my mouth.
  • I got sucked in to the Emmy Awards and the pre-show red carpet tonight. I absolutely love award shows and the Emmy Awards are probably my favorite. Why? Because I love TV, obviously. You all should be watching Glee, Modern Family, Mad Men, and Damages! And all of the terrible reality television shows, too!
  • We splurged after church this morning and actually went out to eat. We always go home because Hudson is so tired after being in the nursery that we are afraid to risk eating at a restaurant. But we took the risk this morning and went to DiPratos. It’s a great deli right down the street from our house and they have the best brunch. And Hudson did great!
  • Go on over to Book Beginnings and Bookends today to get the discussion questions and link up your blog for The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes in the morning!

the september issue…. of Southern Living

It’s amazing. It’s one of my favorite issues of my favorite magazine. I think the Idea House issues are always favorites of mine because there are lots of things I can tear out and save for later, but this September 2010 issue was full of great things including a list of  Details with Southern Style.

My favorite thing about the issue, though, was a fabulous article by the one and only Amy Bickers. I have a writing crush on Amy because she always writes things that I’ve thought before and I read her stuff and feel like she took exactly what I’ve been thinking but made it sound funny and smart!

Amy also wrote the article that I posted a few weeks ago that drummed up lots of conflicting comments.

If you haven’t picked up this issue of Southern Living, you should! And if this picture doesn’t make you just want to move right in to the house on the cover, then… I don’t know. But it makes me want to move in and sip sweet tea on the front porch. But not in September. It’s too hot in September.

Dear Hollywood: An open letter to our friends in showbiz, bless their hearts

by Amy Bickers

Southern Living, September 2010

Attention, Tinsel Town. As the fall TV season begins, we hope you aren’t tempted once again to dust off those Southern stereotypes that make us cringe. An example: the crime show that featured a cold case in Nashville and depicted the city’s police chief as a man who asked people to call him Big Daddy. Seriously? In a city with right around 600,000 people? We think it’s high time we let you in on a little secret. Contrary to what you might think, it’s really not all moonlight and magnolias down here. It’s not all cats on hot tin roofs, either.

For starters, Southern women do not go around saying things like “Why, I nev-aaaahhh!” or “I do declare!” (Okay, sometimes we do say that stuff, but we’re kidding. The same is true when we yell “Free Bird!” at, say, a Celtic Woman concert. We are in on the joke.) More than 70 years have passed since Scarlett stood on that hill and bellyached about Tara, yet you can visit your local cineplex or turn on the tube any day of the week and hear actresses doing that accent. And frankly, my dears, we do give a, er, care about how very wrong that is, especially when they’re playing truck drivers or steelworkers. But, in your defense, it’s easier to channel Scarlett than to nail the difference between a New Orleans accent, which sounds like Brooklyn on gumbo, and a West Texas accent, which is as dead level as the prairie it came from. Kudos to the HBO drama Treme for getting it right. Then again, it’s filmed in the city and casts actual New Orleanians, so the real props go to our fellow Southerners for keeping it real. (As for the accents of those Louisiana vampires in True Blood? No. Just no.)

Using actual Southerners doesn’t always help, though. Southern-born celebs are sometimes the worst offenders. We won’t name names, but we’re looking at you, Julia R. Even Reese Witherspoon, who did our beloved June Carter proud in Walk the Line and was just a pistol in her Man in the Moon debut, veered offtrack in a film we won’t name, playing a New York City fashion designer who hides her Southern past because she grew up in a trailer with a Civil War-re-enacting daddy and a mama who makes bologna cake. Who among us has ever heard of bologna cake? Does that take buttercream frosting?

Stereotypes are tempting—we get that. And if you need to telegraph “Southern,” the easy route is to trot out Bubba or Big Daddy and have him drawl like Foghorn Leghorn while driving a pickup and spitting into a dip cup. But the thing is, we love the South. We live in it, and not, for the most part, in rusted-out camper trailers or Greek Revival mansions. You’d be shocked if we told you how few of us have verandas. Are you sitting down? Some of us live in condos.

And one last thing: We have air conditioning. You know, that thing that makes it feel cooler inside than it is outside? We do have it. And that is why we do not sweat indoors. We do not glisten and fan ourselves while sitting in courthouses or hospitals or grocery stores. In fact, because of the South’s obsession with AC, our public buildings are often so cold in the summer that we have to keep a sweater handy in July. Stop showing us sweating, please. Unless it’s Texas native Matthew McConaughey and he’s “lost” his shirt yet again. We’ll give you a pass on that one.

Notes from Erin: I just love this. I’ve often heard Ms. Roberts botch the Southern accent and I’ve heard many actors think they’re doing the South Louisiana accent correctly, but they’re just not. Amy’s comparison of the New Orleanian accent to Brooklyn on gumbo is just spot on– and hilarious.

a little brain dump for a Thursday morning

  • How do we get ourselves to the point where we pray and pray for something i.e. fulfilling responsibilities and good friends with common interests, and then once those prayers are answered and those wonderful things land in our laps, we find ourselves struggling to balance it all? (That may be the longest sentence ever.) It’s hard to maintain close relationships with all the people you’d like. Relationships take communication and communication takes time. It’s hard to find time to take care of all of the fun things you’ve volunteered to do and things you’re getting paid to do.
  • The above bullet point is not supposed to sound ungrateful. I am completely grateful for all of these blessings, but I’m trying to figure out how to balance all the phone calls, emails, hanging out, and trips to visit loved ones.
  • I wonder if hormones can affect your singing voice. For some reason my face looks like a big 15-year-old-girl-mess and my singing voice is much lower. What is going on?
  • Home ownership is overrated. Do you hear me, Sandra Rinomato?
  • Budgeting is fun! It’s like a game to me where I enter the numbers every night and feel like I “win” if they’re under budget! Hip hip, hooray!
  • All marriages have ups and downs. But the ups are so much fun!
  • I absolutely love the book club. I haven’t been able to comment on each post, but I’ve read them all and I’ve so enjoyed discussing the book with everyone. I’m already looking forward to choosing the next book with everyone’s help.
  • A very exciting small business venture will be launched soon on this little blog and I’ll be available to help you with your kids’ birthday parties. Or your birthday parties if you’d like! I hope at least one of you is excited!
  • As much as I’m looking forward to football season, I’m also dreading it a little bit. Once it starts, it’s here until January. That means we’ll be watching every. single. game until January. Or TC will be watching every single game and I’ll be sleeping on the couch.
  • Is it just me or is there a baby boom going on? Between my cousins, my best friend, another good friend, and lots of great blog friends, there are babies growing every where. I love it!
  • Our spider is still hanging out in my kitchen window. And she looks fat. Maybe she’s pregnant, too? Do spiders get pregnant?
  • I think Bachelor Pad is a smutty smutty show, but I can’t look away.
  • I think “smutty” is a gross word. My list of gross words also includes “moist,” “creamy,” and “plump.”
  • My husband has a problem with made up, compound words like “webinar,” “chocoholic,” and “simulcast.” Oddly enough, he loves the word, “docu-drama.”
  • I think he is cuckoo!
  • This is no doubt going to be TMI, but I think Hudson is in the beginning stages of potty training. Right before he goes number two, he looks at me and says “boo boo” (because he can’t say “poo poo”) and then does his business. As soon as he’s done he heads down the hall to his room to have his diaper changed.
  • I told you that was going to be TMI. I’m a proud mother. What can I say?

What do you think? Care to dump anything into the comments section? No judgment, just a little brain dump!

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