candy buffets

Hostess with the Mostess and Simply Stated are both talking about candy buffets today. I know they’re such a trend in weddings and almost everyone and their brother are doing them, but I am still wild about them!

It reminds me of our wedding and the fun we had picking out all the pink and white candy. We loved shopping at Market for the most adorable and most tasty candies in pink and white!

We used sugar to take up some of the space where we needed fillers. It was great for holding the sticks in place on the rock candy and the lollipops and it tasted good, too!

On a side note, we’re headed to Richmond for a wedding this weekend and I get to see these little girls! I love going to other people’s weddings now that ours is over!

morning tears

Yesterday on the Today Show, they showed this video of Christian the Lion. I cried. You’ve probably all seen this, but wow!

They interviewed the two men in the video and they confirmed that this is a true story and it was a wonderful experience. So sweet!

lovin' that Kelly Moore

I know, I know. I probably start to sound like a broken record when I constantly gab about my wonderful photographer, Kelly Moore, but I just can’t get enough. Her blog provides hours of inspiration and entertainment and her baby is precious. She just changed up her blog and it’s really beautiful!

Kelly recently shot a wedding at beautiful Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. The setting alone is breathtaking, but the couple’s style is so Carolina! The seersucker suits and green ties on the guys are so charming and there a couple of shots that I think are exceptional!

I think one of the things that makes this wedding seem so wonderful is that they look so secluded out there. No onlookers, wedding crashers, loud city noise. It’s just the couple and the people that they love and God’s beautiful work. What amazing inspiration for photos, right?

boden, boden, boden

My new Autumn 2008 Boden catalog arrived today. I’m at home with the cable guy and have just thrown myself into serious clothes envy looking at this catalog. I love the fall. Really, I love everything about it. Crisp mornings, warm afternoons, football, gorgeous colors, warm food, great hair, tailgating, the smell of leaves burning, and most of all, fall wardrobe. I love warm pink colors and deep blues. I love suede boots and cute jackets. It never gets cold enough down here to wear big coats and that’s fine because I love cute jackets!

This catalog has me wishing for cooler days. It’s only the end of July and we have at least until the middle of October before it cools off. Oh well. Here are my favorites:

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