cake, cake, cake

Wedding details are being finalized and I can’t believe that we’re just over 3 months away from the big day. On Saturday morning I drove to Greenville for my trial hair appointment and to pick up my two miniature cakes to taste. The hair appointment was lots of fun and I really enjoyed getting to know the guy that’s doing my hair. We worked out one potential style on Saturday and I’m going back in a few weeks to try it one more way.

After my hair appointment, I drove to visit my cake maker, Patty Cakes. She prepared two miniature cakes for me in the two (surprise) flavors that I’ve chosen. The little cakes were just so cute! I tasted them immediately after I got home and Todd and I couldn’t stay out of them. I brought all that was left of them to work today to give to my coworkers– I don’t need that much cake BEFORE the wedding.

Pay no attention to the design on the cake– there are much better things to come!

My first shower is this weekend in Dallas, hosted by my Aunt Lillie at the Mansion at Turtle Creek. I’m so excited to see everyone and get fitted for my dress again. I’ll post pictures of the shower next week.

just carryin' on an old family tradition

My parents met at Louisiana Tech when they both worked for the Orientation Student Leader program in the 70s. 30 years later, I was an Orientation Student Leader at Louisiana Tech in 2002. 15 students are selected every year and work for a year promoting the University and hosting incoming freshmen at summer orientation for three day events. It was the best experience of my life where I made some of my best friends.

My brother, Walker, was selected last week as an Orientation Student Leader for 2008 and I couldn’t be more proud. Not only am I proud, but I’m so excited to be reliving all of my memories when I hear about his experiences. He attended the OSL retreat last weekend and bonded with all of his staff mates. The most fun thing about it is that I was OSL #400 in 2002 and Walker is OSL #500! I am looking forward to going back this summer for one of Walker’s “Presents” shows where the staff puts on a SNL-type show for the freshmen and their parents.

I’m thrilled that the fourth Akin to attend Louisiana Tech is following in the footsteps of his sister, mom, and dad and is going to spend his summer yelling crazy cheers and playing goofy games.

Snow in Columbia?!

I have finally returned from all of my projects and travels. I had University 101 teaching training, went to Greenville with mom and dad to plan the wedding, and then to Atlanta for market and The Special Event conference for three days. It was fun being away, but I begin to get stressed out being away from work for so long.

I returned yesterday and was so happy to see Todd and Boudreaux. Last night while we were watching American Idol, Boudreaux was looking out the window with a puzzled look on his face. Then he began to growl and bark. I looked out the window and noticed these giant flakes falling from the sky and lightly dusting the top of Todd’s car parked out on the street. It was snowing! It was a pretty messy little snow. A tiny bit of accumulation, but the snow quickly turned to rain and it was all gone. I was able to capture the brief moment on camera. Boudreax, aka “Mr. Curious”, loved it!

These are also the only pictures that I have taken of the house so far. Still no pictures of the inside.

Hip Hip…. Hooray!

I have to give three cheers to the LSU Tigers (who I never give two hoots for) and the SEC for beating Ohio State in the National Championship game. While I’m not LSU’s biggest fan in the least bit, I do love SEC teams in general… especially the Gamecocks. All through football season I kept telling Todd that there couldn’t be much to Ohio State. Who do they even play that’s worth looking at? No one. There. I said it. The SEC is by far the toughest conference and that has been proven two years in a row as Florida took down Ohio State in an embarrassing match up and then as LSU took them down a-gain last night. So for today I’m going to say, “Geaux Tigers!”


In the words of Bozo T. Clown, “Give ’em a big hand!”

I was happy for football season to be over after the season that we had and I didn’t get very excited about the bowl games because the Gamecocks weren’t playing, but after last night’s match up, I’m ready for some Carolina football!

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